Victim Threats

A common thing in the prank call community is threats. Here i shall List them.


First PM

"Hello my name is William R Strout. I am currently the attorney for Dan G Mills. We have subpoenaed Youtube as well as a undisclosed website for records. You have harassed my client and posted the calls without his/her consent for the ip adress .*** witch is illegal in many states, and will be used in court as evidence against you. If you would like to contact me regarding this, you may do so.
William R Strout B-48325561"

Response: "'I'm looking at gay porno ATM, Wanna come over and watch it with me and my buddy Fred while we take turns sucking each others cocks? oh lawdy… On a more serious note, who is Dan Mills? Why did this educated lawyer spell "which" "witch"? There's not any proof I called the people on my channel, anyway. you're a dumbass fucking troll.

good day, sir."

After that I researched that name. I found no results.

his reply: "Thank you for such a negative response. I will be moving this case forward with the District Attorney's Office. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via. email or 208-384-3870.

William R Strout B-48325561"

My reply " Now you're making the wrong fuckin move, bitch" (high redneck quote)

His reply: " Is that a threat sir?"

My reply: "Yes, but I can threaten you since I'm on the internet. If you take anything on the internet seriously, you're a fool."
His reply : Thank you. I have printed these emails and will be submiting them." NOTICE: he spelled "submitting" wrong.

My reply: "What's my fucking Personal info?? You got my IP address, big whoop. Anyone can do that, bro."

His reply: "I do not have your information with me at this time. When I get to the office in the morning I will send you a message. Is the internet you are using in your name?"

My reply: "Nigga i iz spoofing mah ip niggah"

His: "Sir, we research before we move forward in these cases, in simple terms. We did our homework"

me: " lol, I find it funny how you "did your homework", yet you have no info on me. ha"

His reply: " Sir we have been working these 7 cases for 2 weeks now. We have 6 suspects and we are moving forward in the civil and criminal process. You should receive your letter in 2-4 days with the details of the case."

My reply: "you know, i don't know whether or not lawyers can talk to anybody over YouTube. It's not exactly professional."

His: Just about as professional as my plugging your asshole after I show up at your house with a detective."

My reply: "Ohh go da hell…"

His reply : "P2P Lyfe Bitch"))]

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