Tom the pissed off roofer

Tom the Pissed off roofer is another old victim. Originally called by Xaozzz with the Duncan SB , he gave some pretty good lines. After that he was called again with Duncan,Himself,Hank Hill,G. Bush and more. He works at A&S "Rewfie" where he spends most of the day kickin asses and gettin in some shit. Don't call him cuz right now he's tryin to catch yuh! After the first few calls he caught on. By the time G. Bush called him he had wised up. By the time Hank called him he knew the whole deal. Even though he knew about the calls and Soundboards the Hank Hill call was hilarious. Tom is 62 years of age. Still old enough to kick yer' fuckin' ass, motherfucker.


If i was there I'd kick your fuckin ass, motherfucker.
Go fuck yourself, ya asshole.
Lemme tell you somethin asshole, you've called here three times in the last 10 minutes, and i'm goddamn sick of it.
Who the fuck are you, you cocksucker!?!?
I'm gonna report this number!

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