A soundboard is a flash file with buttons. Clicking on a button will play a sound. There will be text on said button that corresponds to the sound clip. Soundboards can be traced all the way back to the early 00s.

How do i play a soundboard?

Go to Prank callers and clcik on one of the Sbs. Everything (buttons,background,shyt) should appear.

Q: How do I download a soundboard???

Download SWF catcher
after the install go to R0D or Sum site that contains flash games or sbs
once you are there go tew tools, (in IE) sothink swf catcher click save go to "my documents" and your file should be waiting

Easy Way Look in temp internet files.

Victim Soundboard

A victim soundboard is a soundboard of an actual person who has been prank called. The pranker just takes the call and turns all the victims reactions into Soundclips then imports those Soundclips into flash turns em into buttons and yew got a victim SB. Pretty simple. The first victim soundboard was the bait shop guy. Sal the bar guy is another old board aswell. Some of the more popular boards are Rick the mulletman, Duncan, Tom the pissed off roofer and Chris the hacker.

Celeb Soundboards

The first type of soundboard. A celeb SB is a soundboard of a celeb. Simple? good. Celeb boards are becoming less popular by the day…

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