Memorable Prankers

Here are A few Memorable prankers.


One of the first prankers,He is Very good at using a soundboard. He started in about 2006 or 2007. He is the reason we have a Duncan Soundboard His account is closed ATM. He was Always being a pussy and closing his account cause' some hicks found out that they were being pranked. In conclusion, he's a good pranker, and that's all that really matters.

Xaozzz's Memorable Victims:

Jackass Plumber
Tom the pissed off roofer
Library Bitch


Another old pranker, W3B is about the most dramatic son of a bitch I've ever met. He makes *FAKE*
"Calls". He often edits the shit out of them, so he can feel good about himself. He tells people to subscribe, yet he blocks them Randomly. He was also the first cocksucker to call Duncan. All in all he's a douchebag. He likes to make long ass posts on Realmofdarkness forums telling his life story. After he made that long ass post he was PW3NED and B&.


His mother


After he saw Everyone calling Duncan he decided to join in. He got some pretty good reactions outta ol' frank, if I do say so mahself. According to PVC He gets all the bitches. He often had E-Battles with verdantabyss on the Duncan Community. He has "quit" pranking 20 fuckin' times and counting. The dude makes some good pranks though. He was the first to call Chris the Hacker. He has moved all his prank calls to a new channel cause' they were ALL "flagged". He is the 2nd most dramatic right next to W3B.

PVC's Victims

Chris the Hacker
Angry Homo Escort


SoundboardPrankCalls is the owner of Realmofdarkness (biggest CELEB soundboard site around). He used to make some funny ass calls b4 YT closed his account. He posted "Joe Pesci Calls a nigger" (not made by him). Every call posted on that old account was HILARIOUS. As of late, SBPC has taken all the Victim Soundboards and the ROD Forums off realmofdarkness cause' Faux News Scared him. SBPC will be remembered as one of the best prank callers.

SBPC's Victims

Collection agency

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