How to prank call

Heres a few ways to prank call someone.

1. What you will need
Any phone
Decent Speakers

Well here's a quick way you can prank someone. You will have to make it harmless though. That means no cussing and only 1-2 calls. So, pick up your goddamn phone and call someone. Put the phone on speaker then put it up to your comp speakers and press buttons. Simple, isn't it?

2. what you will need

Decent soundcard with stereo Mix
phone numbers

This is a pretty good way to call people. If you use this setup you can do what ever the fuck you want cuz you cant be traced. The only way to get traced through skype is if you go WAAAAY overboard. So download Skype & install it. Go to options and set the Audio levels up. To do this make sure everything is turned up to a good setting. Now go to your audio settings. Under recording device click "stereo Mix" or "What you hear". Make sure Stereo Mix is selected in skype too. Now you should be ready.

3. By DrunkenDestruction
What you need: lots of shit
I have not tried this but it sounds cool

I decided to make this guide because I haven't found one yet that shows the correct way to do it. Every guide I've seen so far have all said to basically set the input and the output of your voip program to your sound card. That's the lazy way of doing it, and make the person on the other end able to hear themselves just as well as you can. There is a better way, albeit a lot more complicated, but here it is.

First and foremost you need a voip program that allows you to choose your input device(microphone, sound card etc…) Like Skype or iCall.

You also need the programs Virtual Audio Cable and VMWare and an extra copy of windows or linux/ubuntu to install onto it later.

You can download all of those very easily from torrents. I'd post links to safe working torrents that I downloaded and use myself, but I'm not sure if torrent links are allowed here.

Once you have all theses programs installed, open the Virtual Audio Cable control panel.

In the top left you should see a box called "Driver Parameters". Make sure the cable number is at 1, then hit the Set button. This will create a new sound driver on your computer called "Virtual Cable 1".

Next things get a little tedious, but it's worth it. This where we get into VMWare. Make sure you have a working copy of another operating system at this point. I strongly recommend downloading a stripped down cracked version of windows from a torrent. The copy I use is called "Windows XP Pro Performance Edition July 2009 [English Only]" and I got it off of mininova.

Open VMWare Workstation. Select "New Virtual Machine". Choose Custom Configuration then choose the directory where you OS disk or iso is. Enter the serial number if asked.

There's two things you need to make sure of now. You need to set the audio device, sound card whatever to "VIRTUAL CABLE 1". Don't fuck this up, because you can't go back and change that once your virtual machine is installed and you have to reinstall it again, which sucks because it takes forever.

The other thing you need to make sure of is that the Network Adapter is set the NAT, which it should be already. Everything else you can leave alone unless you feel like changing it, but don't fuck with shit if you don't know what you're doing.

Now you are ready to install the virtual machine. This takes forever so ya betta go find ya somethin to play wit okay?

After that's done, and your fresh new computer within a computer is ready to go, make sure you have internet access on it first of all. If not, restart your real computer and make sure you have the program "vmnat.exe" running and try again. Also I'm pretty sure you need to download the flash plugin on your virtual computer in order to use soundboards, so make sure that's installed in your virtual computers internet browser.

Now let's bring in the sound. On your real computer, in the Virtual Audio Cable folder, open Audio Repeater. Set the "wave in" to Virtual Cable 1, then hit the Start button. You should now be able to hear sound from your virtual computer. Test it out by playing a video or something with sound on your virtual computer, and go back to the Audio Repeater on your real computer and hit the start/stop button a few times to see if it starts and stops when you press it. If it doesn't stop, you fucked up. If it never played to begin with, you fucked up. Go back to step one.

Remember Audio Repeater needs to be running the whole time when you make calls.

If all is good then open your voip program of choice(btw your voip program should be installed on your real computer, not the virtual computer.) I'm using iCall, but I'm sure it's the same in Skype. Go to File->Settings->Audio Options. Set Microphone input to "Virtual Cable 1".

Now you're pretty much good to go. Make yours calls, man the soundboards on the virtual computer and record with audacity.

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