Frank Garrett Aka Duncan is one of the oldest and probally one of the most popular prank call victims today. It all started out with W3baholicX Calling Duncan. He called him with a Deacon Frost board and got some funny ass lines outta him like "I don't give a shit" and "this is a business phone git auff of it". The next calls were "Biff Tannen Calls Duncan". No one quite knows who made these. They were a collection of calls harassing ol' duncan. After that many people like XxVideoPersonxX and Xaozzz called Duncan. They got very lulzy reactions out of duncan. The most famous being "hay duz yer mama still got uhh werms crawlin out her pusshy?". A few months l8r everyone who could download skype and pull a soundboard up started calling duncan. To this day people are still calling and harassing this sunuvabitch cuz someone forgot to bleep out his name and business. Frank has caught on to soundboards, but yew still can get a decent reaction out of him before he slams the phone down in rage.

He also doesnt own a dozer or do dirt work.

Library Incident

Sometime in late 07 or 08
some calls were made to the Stillwell Library. They are some of the funniest and most famous frank calls. So, one day Xaozzz decided to call the Stillwell OK (Frank's town) library. He cussed out some bitch with the Duncan Soundboard and she did not like it one bit. She seemed to know who ol frank was and claimed she was filing a report with the local cops. Everyone assumes the cops talked to Frank and everything was worked out. Frank apparently knew about the YT videos and explained them to the library cunt and the pigs. As a result accounts were suspended, videos pulled and some cawksuggers got scared and removed videos. Ever since then most are a bit more careful.

This is the vid that started the shyt:

Why is he called Duncan?

A: He works at a company called Duncan Construction. Someone (either Xaozzz or W3b) gave him the nickname Duncan and it stuck.

Charles Incident

One day Mr_88_Nismo decided to give Frank some calls. He decided to use his real voice and was rather polite to Frank. These calls were the longest Frank had ever stayed on the phone. They were the best calls to duncan in a while. But that's beside the point. Nismo asked about charle's "interview with Frank" and told Frank Charles gave him his #. Frank thought Charles had been prankin him for 6 months. After we found this out we used it to our advantage. This came at a good time because Charles had been tryin to fuck with us by sayin he had an interview with Duncan. So, we called Duncan several times (results unrecoreded) with TTS,real voices and soundboard. He was convinced it was Charles. He said shit like "you'll be gettin a knock on the door pretty soon, ASSHOWL". A few days l8r Frank said he worked things out with Charles. So either Frank visited Charles (unlikely) or Charles bein a scared little Faggot called Frank and told him what was up. I can only imagine what the convo would be likeā€¦
Lucky for charles no necks were broken.


Q: Why do they use Prince Charles pic???

*facepalm* Cuz Prince Charles with bad hair looks like a hick. Also Prince Charles doesnt exist anymore.



Fugg Kew (fuck you)
This is about the 4th call you've made today.
Cawksugger (cocksucker)
Son of a bitch.
Hey does your mama still got uhhh worms crawlin out her pussheh (pussy).
Your outta your mind buddy, I dont even own a dozer and I don't do dirt work!
Now listen you stupid Son of a bitch, I've never called you before, and goddamn it you bitch about it every 3rd day ya call me so fugg kew (fuck you).
Ohh go to hell, ya son of a bitch.

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